Continuous improvement counseling

This type of counseling, therapy, or coaching is intended for a person that already has advanced cognitive and emotional abilities, so that all that they need or want is to check in with a professional for reassurance that they are on track and doing “just fine.” Okay, I’ll admit we help you with some fine-tuning.

Learn Something Valuable About Yourself or Solve a Problem

Thanks for joining me on my new “Self-Improvement” website! The fact that COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives might have been the primary source for this site’s creation & for you navigating to it – more importantly – general audience motivation and your personal interest has increased the popularity of all my Leadership coaching programs by 400%. In the last year I’ve have had 4X’s more coaching clients. Please continue reading or click here to schedule your first virtual session.


Is this your time? Is the timing right for you to review and enhance your interpersonal leadership strengths? Invest in one of our advanced coaching programs for your own self improvement and receive one FREE strengths-focused psychological assessment with six-sessions of Emotional Intelligence coaching.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

About Our Clients

Coaches are “change agents,” assisting their clients to make the right change. There are some people who secure coaching for themselves because they fear losing their jobs or losing their families, others who are thinking about their career path and are hopeful about securing an even better job, and of course, confusion about relationships, challenging situations, and not knowing how to handle them are all too common.

You may benefit from setting yourself up for a better emotional life, through self-improvement efforts, better understanding of who you are, your motives, your skills, and your weaknesses. Problems don’t just go away, but often we can handle them better and that simply leads to more favorable outcomes.

There are things that we can do together that we would be unable to do alone. – Richard W. Anton

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